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An icon dump community, feel free to take them and comment. :)
Utsuri Icons

Welcome to Utsuri Icons, this is an icon community for those who love anime, manga, and many more creative artwork! Feel free to browse around for the icons that I (jenako) made, just for you. If you have any questions, please ask your question here. Thank you!


» Comment and Credit. If you wish to take any of the icons I made, please comment to that respective post and tell me which icons you picked. When you use them, please make suitable credits. If you don't know how, go here and it tells you everything. That being said, icons posted on here are only good to use for Livejournal and those alike to LJ, forums are fine as long as you credit jenako or utsuri_icons in your signatures.
» No Re-editing! I believe this is very self-explanatory. These icons are made by me and I want them to stay that way. Please don't edit them in anyway. These icons are final products and are not here for you to use as bases or whatever you're in need to make other graphics. If this is still not clear to you, ask away here, I don't mind answering questions.
» Don't Claim as Your Own! Simple, if you like my icons, come back for more, but please, please don't say that you made them... It's a bit rude that way, isn't it?
» Be Courteous. Just a big kudos for you really. Everyone is happier if you're nicer, right? Courtesy is really respected here so feel free to show what you got... in courtesy.
» Feel Free To Join. I welcome you to join this community. While you don't get posting access, it is easier for you to keep track of the updates here and whatnot, if you like. Watching this community is also very appreciated! Thank you.



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